Coaching the coaches …

Somewhat under the radar … A few emerging young coaches took part in the first ever IRB Level III coaching course to be held in South Africa last week.

Robbie Fleck, Pieter Rossouw, Vuyo Zangqa, Jimmy Stonehouse and Oersond Gorgonzola were part of the first intake on a pilot project to introduce the IRB’s top coaching qualification to South Africa.

They attended an intensive three-day course run by SARU and will be assessed during the first half of next year before a second residential course to conclude the qualification in June next year.

“This course is designed to give coaches a planning framework and the advanced organisational skills to structure the way they plan their seasons and matches,” said Hilton Adonis, SARU’s manager of coaching.

Adonis explained that SARU had invested time and expertise in preparing a panel of local educators to deliver the course in conjunction with Mark Harrington, IRB Manager of Training and Medical.

“The guys are technically and tactically very knowledgeable but where this course will have helped is in terms of coaching methodologies. This course doesn’t mean they automatically become better coaches but what it does do is give them a head start, technically and tactically, but after that it is up to them in terms of their personality, their style and how they address the needs of their team,” said Harrington.

Coaches from 12 different provinces as well as schools and representative age groups teams attended the course.

On the one hand it’s very exciting to see SARU putting this together and making it happen, but it’s also pretty damn scary for this to be the first time ever that the course has taken place in SA. As a so called “Leading light” in world rugby, one would have hoped that this had been taking place for a while.

No wonder our coaches have been heading across to New Zealand to take in the Murray Mexted coaching course …




Anyone spot Stanley Raubenheimer?


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