A real rugby championship …

So following on my tirade regarding how pompous “The Rugby Championship” sounds, and based on a little scrap between the hemispheres taking place because of the new tournament, I gave some thought to what might do justice to such a tournament or series …

The scrap, which has the potential to turn into a proper scrum sees the Southern hemisphere rejecting the IRB’s proposed September 5 start to the 2015 RWC in England, saying there is no way the new Rugby Championship can be shortened. Instead they want a September 25 start and a shortening of the Northern hemisphere domestic tournaments …

And given Mike Millar’s curt response to the All Blacks threatening to boycott future World Cup’s for financial reasons, this could get messy …

So if they are prepared to go to war for what is basically a Four-Nations, perhaps one takes the ridiculously huge focus off the RWC – I really am tired of coaches saying “Judge me on my World Cup” – and looks at the following options:

What about keeping “The Rugby Championship” name for a series between the winners of the Six Nations vs the winner of the Four Nations every four years – in between RWC’s?

Or every again every four years, between RWC’s, have the Lions play a combined side from the 4 Nations in a series called “Clash of the Titans” or the bloody “Rugby Championship” if they love it so much …

Now those two series might be worthy of such a name?

Speaking of tournaments, cups and series, I had the pleasure of spending Monday evening celebrating the incredible year the Ikeys have had with the team and various role players. Winning the Varsity Cup, the WP league and being nominated for team of the year at the SARU awards is pretty damn special … Well done the Ikey Tigers – unlike the floodlights, you brought bright light to the Green Mile!

The Ikey trophy cabinet looks a bit like this:



Above the two biggies – league and Varsity Cup – along with a little trophy of my own …


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One Response to “A real rugby championship …”

  1. nv Says:

    Here’s some of my proposals. The four nations should be every two years, so that we can bring tours back. Super 15 is too long. Make it a Super 16, divide into 2 groups of 8 and shave 2 months off the rugby calendar. I like your idea of a Six Nations vs the winner of the Four Nations every four years – in between RWC’s, but I would also LOVE to see the best of the Southern Hemisphere against the best of the Northern hemisphere. Just think Schalk and Richie in the same team!!!

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